Lane Kiffin Says Tua Tagovailoa Would've Transferred from Alabama if He Didn't Play Last Night

Well, that’s pretty crazy news. There’s no way to know if that’s actually true coming from Lane, who obviously hasn’t been with the team for a year, but it’s totally believable. Let’s say Jalen Hurts played the whole game and won last night, he’d most likely be the starter heading into next year. At worst he’d be in a competition with Tagolvailoa for the job which obviously wouldn’t have sat well with the 5 star freshman phenom. Why should he have to waste another year where he could be at a place like Oregon and be knighted as the chosen one (he went to Mariota’s high school). Tua had been on many people’s radar the moment he lit up their Spring game for three touchdowns, but Hurts had the experience to be the starter. He’s touted as the best quarterback recruit Alabama has ever had, so it’s pretty understandable for him to be frustrated sitting behind a guy in Hurts who has trouble completing a pass to an open receiver. Jalen’s record as the starter and his numbers are awesome, but in big spots you can’t rely on him to carry you in a big moment like Tua obviously could.

So Saban’s decision to pull Hurts was not just one to effect the immediate future of the game last night, but the future of the program. Have Tua as their starter for the next two seasons at minimum will easily place Bama as the front runner to repeat next year. The dude is a super star who looks like a combination of Michael Vick, Cam Newton, and Steve Young out there. There’s a good chance with an offseason under his belt that he comes out and destroys college football. You always wondered what would happen if Bama ever got a stud at quarterback who could do it all. Not your A.J. McCarron or Jacob Coker type boring pocket passer, but a dynamic dual threat monster. That’s Tua, and he’s going to be a PROBLEM for the SEC the next few seasons and it all could’ve been for not, if Saban didn’t pull Jalen Hurts at halftime. Fucking crazy.