Jay Gruden Bluntly Stated He Does Not Want Kirk Cousins On Another 1 Year Deal

Washington Post - Gruden pulled back the curtain a bit more. Co-host Chris Cooley pointed out that Cousins has said he’s fine playing on one-year deals, but then asked Gruden the key question: “For you as a head coach and as an organization, how soon do you need to know, and how does it impact you year in and year out, being on the one-year deal?”

“I think something has to be done,” Gruden said bluntly. “I personally don’t want to go through another one-year deal, and just [keep going] one year, one year. I think you want to have a quarterback in here that’s going to be here. And hopefully that is Kirk, and if not, we have to move on and do what we have to do as an organization.

“For the most part, the great quarterbacks are in the same system year in and year out, and are developing in that system. [Teams are] not holding our breath every March and April, waiting for the guy. But if that’s the case, that’s the case. But we like Kirk and his development. He’s played well at times, without a doubt, proven that he’s a good starting NFL quarterback.”


It’s nice to hear some truth out of Jay Gruden like this. No beating around the bush, no saying the politically correct answer. He straight up is sick of the Redskins QB carousel. And when it’s not a carousel here, it’s repeated offseasons of “what will happen with Kirk?” The Skins have failed to lock up Kirk long term in back to back offseasons, leading them to this point where even Gruden has no clue what the plan is moving forward. Pay him $34 million for this season? Let him negotiate with other teams and hope he stays? Completely move on and give Colt the reigns? Trade up to take Baker Mayfield? Go after a veteran and take a flier on a guy in the draft? There are so many possibilities, and it’s really hard to scout for free agency and the draft when you don’t even know who your QB will be 3 seasons in a row.

If the Skins have no desire to lock Kirk up longterm, there’s no point of giving him the tag this season. There seems to be contention between Kirk and the front office, and for good reason. They’ve bet against him time and time again, they’ve low balled him, and there doesn’t seem to be a plan in place. Wouldn’t shock me if Kirk has no desire to stick around while Snyder and Bruce Allen butt fuck this team to 4-12 records. And if Kirk goes and the Skins start off next season slow, Gruden won’t be far behind.