Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar Has Been Rebooked And Made Official for UFC 222

MMAJunkie- Max Holloway’s UFC featherweight title reign will continue against the man it originally was supposed to start against.

Holloway (19-3 MMA, 15-3 UFC) has been booked to defend his belt vs. Frankie Edgar (22-5-1 MMA, 16-5-1 UFC) at UFC 222, a person with knowledge of the situation told MMAjunkie. The UFC later made it official with an announcement on Twitter.

One of the biggest bummers for me in 2017 mixed martial arts was Frankie Edgar pulling out of his UFC 218 bout with Max Holloway for the Featherweight Championship. Holloway is about as close as it gets to the “unbeatable fighter” right now. Obviously nobody in the sport actually is unbeatable, but my list would go:

1) Demetrious Johnson
2) Max Holloway

That being said, he’s in a division full of killers, and Frankie Edgar is going to be the guy to test him the most*. His wrestling is unmatched at 145, and he’s the best matchup for the champ possible. There’s the chance he grapplefucks Holloway into the canvas and proves me wrong to a crazy degree, but there’s also the chance he can’t handle Holloway’s pressure in the slightest and gets knocked out in the first. There’s a ton of different scenarios possible for this fight, and I can’t wait to see which one plays out.

*The exception here is obviously Conor McGregor, as he’s the last guy to beat Holloway, but McGregor will never, I repeat, NEVER compete at 145 pounds ever again. Ever. Also, I’m not sure McGregor would test Holloway as much as Frankie could at this point. A full grinding/wrestling approach would probably be the hardest thing Holloway could face, NOT McGregor’s striking, which he has faced, and taken to decision. That’s many years and fights ago now, and Holloway has evolved much more than McGregor since then. Just saying.