Thailand's Prime Minister Was Sick Of Dealing With The Media So He Set Up A Cardboard Cut Out Of Himself And Told Them To Ask Any Questions To "This Guy"

What. A. Power move!!! I just found out who my favorite prime minister in the world is. I love…

*Opens up Google and types “Who is Thailand’s Prime Minister?”*

Prayut Chan-o-cha! When I hear that name, I think of a leader of men. One who puts the media in his back pocket, directs his minion to bring out the cardboard cut out and then has said minion move it 6 inches, and then hits everybody with a Bye Bye before nonchalantly throwing up a no-look hand gesture as he exits stage left.

At first I thought it was the sign language sign for I Love You


or the Hang Ten sign


Both of which would have been awesome. But instead Prayut tossed out a hook’em horns sign, which is alpha as FUCK.


Imagine Prayut and Matthew Mcconaughey throwing back some Oaks and Cokes while watching the Longhorns play some pigskin on a fall Saturday in Texas? It would be magical.

And not only was his presence electric, but the people flocked to take pictures with Prayut’s cardboard cutout after he left!



Name another Thailand Prime Minister that had people posing in front of the cardboard cut out of himself that he brought to avoid the media. You can’t! The Donald should always have a cardboard cut out of himself laying around just in case the media’s questions get a little too hot and heavy.

Now I will admit this Fun Fact was kind of concerning as someone that #RespectsTheBiz.


But this is flat-out hilarious.


If you piss off this prime minister, you better have a green shell to block his nanner.

I mean a guy that writes songs for his country can’t be all that bad.

As a New Year 2016 gift to the Thai people, General Prayut announced that he had written a new song to boost the country’s morale. “I wrote it as a personal New Year present for the people,” Gen. Prayuth said. “In the lyrics, it doesn’t only mean me, but it means the media, too, because everyone is united and I have to please them. I use my every breath to help this country move forward.” The song, Because You Are Thailand, sung by Sergeant-Major Pongsathorn Porjit, includes the lyrics, “The day we hope for is not far away” and “Because you are Thailand, you will not let anyone destroy you.”

via Wiki

Oh what’s that? He also consults with a fortune teller, believes in spells, AND wears an elephant hair bracelet for good luck?

Prayut has stated publicly that he consults a fortune teller, Warin Buawiratlert, regularly. He said there was no harm in seeking advice. When suffering from fever and aches early in his premiership, he blamed his ills on spells cast by his political enemies and combated the malady with holy water.

According to the Bangkok Post, Prayut has a collection of lucky rings which he varies daily in accordance with that day’s activities. He also wears an elephant hair bracelet to ward off bad luck. He has revived the wearing of the traditionally inspired phraratchathan, first popularised by Prem Tinsulanond in the 1980s, and has instructed cabinet members to dress in the phraratchathan at meetings, rather than in Western suits.


via Wiki

I’ve never been more sold on a prime minister or any type of leader since Bill Parcells was roaming the sidelines for the Giants. The Chan-o-cha Train is on the tracks and taking down everything in its path. CHOO CHOO!!! Sagat from Street Fighter II is officially the 2nd most badass person from Thailand I know of. Team Prayut Chan-o-cha for motherfucking life*!

*Unless this guy is actually a huuuuuuge scumbag. I’ll admit I didn’t do much homework on him. Donnie is apparently flying back to China and I feel like Riggs has enough on his plate covering whatever is happening in Washington. So I’m basically going off of what I read while skimming through his Wikipedia page. If he’s a monster, please scroll down to the bottom of this blog


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