Pam Beesly Would Gladly Join The Office Reboot, But They Haven't Asked Her

NYDN - Pam would happily return to Dunder Mifflin.

Jenna Fischer said Monday that she would love to be part of the “Office” revival — if only someone would call her.

“I think that’s for networks to figure out if I were to be asked,” the actress said on a Television Critics Association panel Monday.

“I haven’t been approached about it and don’t know anything about it. But I love Pam!”

In December, TVLine reported that NBC is eying a revival of “The Office,” which ended in 2013.

“I would be honored to come back in any way that I’m able to. I loved playing that character. As long as Greg Daniels is the person in charge and the visionary behind it, then I would absolutely be up for it.


Hey Pam, do you want to start cashing mega big paychecks from The Office again?

How bad do you want this reboot to happen?

This is like when they brought back Indiana Jones in 2008 and made Shia LeBeouf the main character. They didn’t really try to make it good, (remember that whole refrigerator thing?) but they did make 786 million dollars at the box office and then lord knows how much in merchandise sales. I hope that’s not what The Office is doing, but the name brand alone puts asses in seats. And if they get some of the OG writers back, it could be good.

The biggest issue is they just can’t try to replicate Michael Scott. I wish they wouldn’t even call it The Office, because The Office=Michael Scott. But just how Indiana Jones=Harrison Ford and they went on without him, as will The Office. So best of luck to Pam Beesly Halpert in milking a few more seasons of paychecks out of this. Best case scenario the show is fucking awesome and we get a bunch more laughs, worst case Stanley, Pam, Angela, and other tertiary characters make a ton of money, and I’ll never hate them for that.