A MASSIVE Brawl Broke Out At A Wedding In India Because The Guests Didn't Like The Food

Daily Mail- A wedding in India turned the happiest day of the bride and groom’s life into a battleground when an argument about food turned into a violent mass-brawl. The incident reportedly took place at a wedding venue in Agra, northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state earlier this month.

Witnesses said there was a dispute regarding the food served at the wedding ceremony after which family members from both sides went out of control

And THAT’S why you always make sure to check the reviews of your caterer on The Knot before you give them a deposit to serve at your wedding.


What a beautiful orgy of carnage that was. It’s not often that people throwing furniture get overshadowed by other combatants in a fight. But the one part of that fight that stuck with me was in the beginning when the one guy tried to clothesline the other guy over the bannister, like he was trying to eliminate him from the Royal Rumble before a third person walked over and smashed a table over his head.

I can’t believe I’m writing this about a fight that happened at a wedding. You must have a good grudge against somebody if you are trying to toss them over a bannister after watching two crazy kids tie the knot. And my favorite part about wedding fights? The fact that the most important people are dressed similar. So the groomsmen and bridesmaids can look like tag teams fighting together. I would have given anything to watch these guys 3-D the bride’s brother through a flaming table.


I bet these two families have been beefing for years on some Montagues and Capulets shit but an arranged marriage caused them to mix like vinegar and baking soda and the caterer’s food was the thing that made everything explode like your 3rd grade volcano science project.

And I don’t blame the guests one bit. Nothing is worse than bad food at a wedding. If the music stinks, you can just act like a wallflower and sit on your phone. If the booze selection is poor, you can take it as an opportunity to have that bartender earn his keep and introduce you to some new, exciting drinks. But you cannot cheap out on the food that is at most a tremendous meal and at least necessary to soak up SOME of the alcohol consumed by all the crazy fucks at the wedding. I am not paying a babysitter, using up a good chunk of the few free hours I have during the week, and dropping a $150+ per plate for cheese, crackers, and fruit during cocktail hour and some overcooked meat and veggies for dinner. If you have risotto in some form, it may cause cooler heads to prevail. But if not, I may be looking for the nearest chair to break over your new father-in-law’s skull before I assault the rest of your guests with the wedding cake like I’m Chris Farley after being told old he was just bamboozled into drinking decaf coffee.