Jalen Hurts Handled An Impossible Situation As Well As Humanly Possible Last Night

No win situation for Jalen Hurts last night.  Well, literally, because he was benched for stinking, and therefore had no chance to win.  But you know what I mean.  He could have pouted on the sideline and we would have DESTROYED him for being selfish and not being a team player when it was clear that Saban made the right decision.  He could smile (which is what he did) and get crushed for “not being competitive enough” or some bullshit (these were real takes and arguments on the Internet by the way, which is crazy).

The takes were going to be firing from both sides – how could he be smiling, he just got benched, doesn’t he care?  How can he be pouting, what a spoiled baby!  Like whatever your take is right now on this particular issue, there is someone with the exact opposite one out there who will argue with you.

Hurts was in an incredibly awkward position of being an ultra competitor embarrassed in the biggest game of the season and forced to watch from the sidelines while he lost his job with all of the eyes of the sports world on him.  Impossible.

Even more impossible?  Having to speak about it right into an ESPN microphone immediately after the game as the confetti comes down.  People are criticizing Rinaldi, but he had to do it.  I didn’t think there was anything wrong with getting the interview.  And I think Hurts handle it perfectly and maturely.   Good for him.