I Can't Stop Watching This Georgia Fan Beat The Absolute Shit Out Of His Apartment Door

I know Coley threw this up last night but I just had to make sure everybody saw it this morning.  This is top 3,  maybe top 1 postgame home fan reaction I’ve ever seen.  You see temper tantrums all the time – yelling, screaming, throwing remotes at the TV, throwing the actual TV.  Setting jerseys on fire.  All that stuff over and over.  Very rarely do you see someone jump up and literally fight their apartment door.  Like the door just dumped a beer on your head and grabbed your girlfriend’s ass in the middle of an Athens bar.  That’s how this dude treated his entryway.  Fucking haymaker after haymaker to that piece of fucking shit ass door fucking defense getting burned fucking Tua Tagovoialashopoas get a name people can actually fucking spell you piece of shit motherfu

My dude still continuing to throw his punches with his god damn foot caught in the door from kicking through it so hard is the passion I love from the Dawgs.