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LPGA'er Tries The Famous Phil Mickelson Flop Shot, Smokes Her Caddie In The Back Of The Head Instead

This just set lady golf back a good 5, maybe 10 years. Just brutal. You can’t go for the Phil flopper video like 20 years later and from twice as far away and not come even close to pulling it off. Preposterous laugh too. Just a horrific effort. What is she talking about with “that was so close.” So close to what? You chunked it. You were closer to hitting him in the balls than flopping it like Phil. As a big advocate for the lady golf game (we’ve had multiple lady golfers on our show because we’re pro ladies) this is a devastating day for us. One step forward, a hundred steps backward with an effort like this. Might need to hire a new commissioner and start from scratch. Sad day.