Johnny Football (Of The CFL...Maybe) Is Now Trolling The Cleveland Browns On Instagram


I’m a little confused by this. Why is potential Canadian Football League player Johnny Manziel trolling the Browns on Instagram? Bro, you aren’t even good enough to play on the 0-16 Browns. They didn’t want you. They kicked your ass to the curb, and not one other team picked you up. Not one! The NFL is the league of 100 chances, and not a single team even took a flier on your bum ass. And then the CFL deemed him unstable to play in their league. The CFL…didn’t want Johnny Football. But hey, the NFL team did go 0-16, that is true. I think he’s attempting to say with him they wouldn’t have gone 0-16?

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.47.42 PM

Sure pal.