NBC Deletes Tweet Supporting Oprah 2020 (Oprah 2020 is obviously happening btw)

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Seems tough for NBC to maintain that unbiased rep when they tweet out a straight endorsement of Oprah 2020 as the current president relentlessly rips them for being biased, for hating him. Just think there’s enough connect the dots guys out there to make this problematic.

Oprah’s Globes speech last night was obviously the launching of a 2020 bid. The tone, the contents, the stage, the timing… if you didn’t see it in this light, you’re an idiot. If you still don’t see it, you’re still an idiot but I will help you get there by telling you that Oprah even had her “close friends” out there pushing the narrative.

NBC tweeted the above kissing her ass during the show, then this morning deleted the tweet and released this statement.

The ole “it wasn’t us at all it was someone we hired to represent us” defense. Totally understandable. Everybody knows it takes 12 hours to delete a tweet so not much NBC could do here. Hands tied, handled this controversial situation about their own account which they own and have control over the best they could.

Oprah is a real serious, real dangerous contender. Her vs Trump might top Trump vs Hillary.

Full speech here if you missed it.