Fellas, I Am Experiencing Some Travel Delays. This Is Very Unfair


What a lovely weekend I had. I went to Jacksonville to watch our beloved Jaguars take on the Buffalo Bills. As you know, the Jaguars won which made me very happy. Prior to that, on what we call Saturday, I stayed in the hotel most of the day to work on a book I’m writing. Very exciting. The views were picturesque; the coffee was local and delicious.


Fast forward to this morning, I set up a scheduled time on my uber app. I had a 7am flight so I set the scheduled pick up for 4:50. The airport was about 40 minutes away from my hotel. That would put me at the airport at like 5:30. I could grab a coffee and not feel rushed. Well, my friends, the uber was late. It didn’t show until 5:10. There just wasn’t any in the area so I started to feel nervous. I pull into the airport at 6:15. The security lines were long as hell and I didn’t think I would make the flight. Troublesome to say the least. Getting through security, I had about 5 minutes before the flight started boarded. Whew. We did it.

Not so fast.

I’m on the flight and listening to the new Fire and Fury book about President Trump and his administration. Have yall heard about that? It’s wild. Anyway, I hear the intercom say that we are on a slight delay. We end up taking off about 2 hours later. I was just hanging out on the plane and tweeting with my internet friends. No biggie. I don’t mind some delays. Afterall, safety is paramount when you are in the friendly skies. Take your time, plane workers. There’s some precious cargo on this flight. You guys cant see it but I’m pointing at my dick. My dick was the precious cargo. Nice.

Well, I get to Atlanta and think that I’ll make my connection. I hop, skip, and run to my next gate. When I get there, it’s closed. Gotta wait until the next flight. It’s in an hour so it’s not that big of a deal. The gate is close too. Perfect. I’ll finally have that coffee.

Well, I have the coffee but they changed the gate on me again. I’ve gone from concourse A to C and now my dumbass is heading to concourse F. I get there in a hurry. Once I do, I see that the plane has been delayed again. Another 2 hours.

The worst part about this whole thing is that I simply will not have anytime to write a blog. It sucks too because I really wanted to get some blogs in today. Oh well. If anything else happens, I’ll keep you posted.