Brandel Chamblee Calls Dustin Johnson's Drive On The 12th At Kapalua Yesterday "The Greatest Shot Ever Hit"

Important note: Brandel is talking about greatest full shots hit, so doesn’t include chips, putts, etc.

Look, I love Brandel. He’s my pal. Recurring Fore Play guest. He went through that cycle where he was golf’s analyst that everybody loved to hate, then he walked into this office and turned out to be a really cool, chatty, down to earth, genuine dude who simply loves golf, takes his job very seriously, and doesn’t give two fucks about what anybody else thinks. I respect that — Brandel’s great.

But here, Brandel is wrong.

DJ’s drive on the 12th was spectacular. One of the most impressive shots I’ve ever seen. Almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it live. 433-yard par-4 and he hit it dead center, in the heart, about 432.9 yards. Insane.

He even joshed with Bonesy, saying he missed it a little.

Amazing shot, but the greatest golf shot ever hit? In January? In Hawaii? With a 6-shot lead? Get outta here Brandel. No chance. I don’t care if he holed out from the tee on the 663-yard par-5 18th for an ace, nobody’s hitting the greatest golf shot ever in January in Hawaii. Just not possible.


Sarazen’s shot heard ’round the world? Guy holed out from 235 on 15 at Augusta for albatross to go on to win the 1935 Masters.

Hogan’s 1-iron at the 1950 US Open at Merion? Guy nearly died a year prior and needed a Forest Gump metal brace to even walk, let alone play golf. Hits a damn 1950-style 1-iron from a downslope on one of golf’s most treacherous and iconic holes to win one of golf’s most treacherous and iconic tournaments.

Even YE Yang’s hybrid on the 18th at Hazeltine in 2009. Guy hit it over a tree from 215 to 8 feet with a 1-shot lead to close out Tiger Woods.

These are contenders for greatest full-swing shots of all time. They were decisive in determining major championship winners.

This DJ drive? If he hit the thing out of bounds he still wins this January 34-man Hawaii tournament by a handful of shots.

Brandel’s case is that the hardest thing to do in the game of golf is hit it long and straight, and this is the greatest example of that that the game has ever seen. But greatness requires context, and the context around DJ’s shot simply isn’t good enough to make this the GOAT.

You take this exact same shot, and you drop it into the back nine at Shinnecock this summer, with DJ going on to win a close US Open down the stretch, and you’ve got my attention.

Hawaii in January doesn’t get my attention.