Which Was Worse: Tex's Halfcourt Shot That Didn't Reach The Foul Line or Tex's Halfcourt Shot That Hit The Shot Clock

As expected redemption was not spelled T-E-X on Friday night at the RAC. Tex spent most of the day confident as ever, as usual, that he was gonna drill his half court shot and redeem himself from of the worst displays of athleticism these eyes have ever seen. Tex’s first shot barely reached the foul line, and he used being drunk as an excuse for his shortcomings. This past weekend he got a second chance. Here’s what he was thinking Friday afternoon.

Maybe warming up with a volleyball wasn’t the smoothest of ideas. As a handful in the office predicted, Tex over-compensated for his prior alligator armed effort and overshot his landing. To say he overshot his landing would make you think he hit the back board which wouldn’t have been a big deal at all. Not our Tex. Nope, Tex would not leave that court without guaranteeing, without an ounce of doubt that the basketball was reaching the full 47 feet to the hoop. Getting it the distance was clearly all that mattered because if not for the shot clock, this would’ve gone into the stands and hurt someone. He’s lucky the shot clock didn’t break if we’re being honest.

So to answer the question I still say not getting the ball to the free throw line is about as weak and humiliating as it gets as a human being. I’m not a good basketball player by any means nor do I consider myself strong, but I could take 100 shots from half court and I would reach/just come up short with an airball while avoid hitting the goddamn shot clock every single time. It almost makes me think this was on purpose. Either way fuckin Tex. Maybe next year….probably not.