A Man Threw A Bunch Of Frozen Iguanas In His Car; They All Came Back To Life While He Was Driving. This Obviously Happened In Florida.

An iguana perches on man's head during car free day event at

Guys, it’s been chilly in Florida. It’s not usually chilly in Florida. Naturally, Florida is such a shitshow that, when it gets a little chilly, crazy things start happening. Like crazier than normal, even for Florida. Frozen iguanas fall from the trees.

There are important warnings cautioning Floridians not to fool with the iguanas. Although they appear dead, they are not dead.

Well nobody told this poor guy. From protein stockpile to a horror show in the matter of a few temperature degrees!

It’s a dangerous game to play, driving around tossing frozen iguanas in your car. Sometimes it works out, and you receive a nice return from Central Americans cherishing iguana meat; other times times it doesn’t, and you’re fighting off small dinosaurs crawling all up in your stuff while you struggle to safely navigate the road.

Just a classic winter in Florida story.