Pac-12 After Midnight: A Half Court Buzzer Beater by Stanford, Top-25 Rankings

I’ve been talking about it for the last 36 hours or so. This weekend was absolutely crazy in college basketball, but is it something that should be expected going forward? Well, more on that in a later blog, because that’s how you tease, folks. This is about the Pac-12 after midnight. Traditionally I prefer my Pac-12 games with a high as hell Bill Walton, but this will do. USC, one of the most disappointing teams in the country blowing a 14-point second half lead to a Stanford team.

USC scored just 10 points the last 11:30 of the game, which is now sending them to complete panic mode. Credit to Stanford and Daejon Davis though, a walk off half court shot at home is always pretty cool. I know it’s a little nitpicky, but what is Metu doing here? He just runs to halfcourt without looking to see if the ball is inbounded. With that sort of length and size at least turn around and see if you can bother someone. Regardless, this puts USC back squarely on the bubble and possibly on the wrong side as they are 11-6 and 2-2 in a bad Pac-12. The only quality wins they have are over Middle Tennessee and New Mexico State and now three sub-100 losses.

Top-25 Rankings: 

1. Villanova

2. West Virginia

3. Michigan State

4. Virginia

5. Oklahoma

6. Arizona State

7. Xavier

8. Wichita State

9. Seton Hall

10. Texas Tech

11. Duke

12. Purdue

13. Arizona

14. Miami

15. Kansas

16. Gonzaga

17. Clemson

18. Kentucky

19. Cincinnati

20. Auburn

21. Creighton

22. Notre Dame

23. TCU

24. Florida

25. Texas A&M