Remarking Your Golden Globe Is A "Different Color From The Previous One" Is The Greatest Start To An Acceptance Speech Ever

There were a lot of great moments at the Golden Globes last night, but this one right here was the funniest. That French dude winning for best original score hopping up there, spitting some Francais, and then taking a concerned look at the award and saying “different color than the previous one” made me gasp. As El Pres would say, I spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any. Just a preposterously cocky way to kick off your acceptance speech. He was so rattled, not because he won, but because the Golden Globe he was holding was different than the other Golden Globe he has already won. Absolutely love it. Balls dragging on the ground, letting everyone else know this ain’t his first time round this rodeo.

That being said, everyone knows I’m a sucker for movie scores. Big Hans Zimmer and John Williams guy. Do I need to add Aleandre Desplat to my playlist? It takes a lot for composers to get a seat at the big boy table. I mean John Williams did classics like Star Wars, ET, and Indiana Jones. Zimmer has all timers like Inception, Dark Knight, and the incomparable Boss Baby. So despite an all-time Golden Globes acceptance speech, Desplat still has a while to go before he earns his stripes. He’s on his way, but he has to stay hungry. It took Zimmer over 30 years to drop the Boss Baby score on us, so Desplat still has a while to go. No pressure, no diamonds.



PS: The funniest running storyline of the night was how Oprah was sitting basically on the stage. She wasn’t in the front row…she was the front row. Everyone who won an award acknowledged Oprah because she could have reached out and snatched it, she was sitting so close.

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