This Blanca Blanco Chick Is Owning The Fuck Out Of The Golden Globes


For those who don’t know, all the women (and like all the men too! Almost exclusively black tuxes from everyone. Lotta allies in the crowd at this black tie event, love to see it) are wearing black to the Golden Globes as part of the #MeToo movement. Well NOT Blanca Blanco. She’s just like look black isn’t my color, I’m gonna wear half a red dress and wow the fuck out of everyone. Soak up this spotlight while I can. I never heard of her until tonight but now I’m obsessed with her name. Villain name, villain move wearing the red dress, she’s perfect.

Hey Blanco, we were supposed to wear black.

Yeah sorry there was an emergency… I look really good in red and have a sexy ass body.