Seth Myers' Golden Globes Monologue Perfectly Destroys Everyone Accused Of Sexual Assault In Hollywood

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

The Golden Globes were on last night and boy were they…interesting. The theme was “Time’s Up” which is an initiative aimed at ending systemic sexual harassment and discrimination of all kinds in the workplace. Most of the women in attendance wore black as a show of support while the men wore pins as you can see modeled on JT.

The red carpet felt more like a PSA than an award show. No one talked about fashion or drama; it was all about sexual assault. Which is bizarre considering they were the people who refused to talk about it in the first place. I guess all we had to do was stick a camera in their face. Shocker. Other than that, and other than Stedman’s head being a fixture on my television screen for three straight hours I thought it was great.

Particularly Seth Myers’ opening monologue. He cut right to the chase and went IN on Harvey Weinstein as well as others. Saying he was going to be the only dude to get boo’d during the in memoriam and on and on. He was unapologetic and confident. Which is exactly what was needed. Check out the full speech below.

It was a nice break from the political dialogue that usually dominates award shows. Sure, it would’ve been nice to hear jokes not at the expense of thousands of sexual assault victims across the country but it was funny nonetheless. At any rate, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-  I think we’re over the hump when it comes to talking about sexual harassment. Do we have Dave Chappelle to thank? Probably. Hopefully this time next year we’ll have something more positive to talk about.

PS: Shout out to whoever this is for choosing hotness over awareness. Work it, girl.