Many People Are Saying That Our Beloved Jaguars Won One Of The Most Exciting Games Of All Time


What a wild game. The fellas were throwing the ball all over the yard. Blake Bortles finished with an incredible 87 yards passing. Tyrod Taylor threw for an unbelievable 134 yards on just 37 throws. The greatest show on turf for both of these teams.

Bills fans showed up for tailgating. No doubt about that. We’ll have a video coming out this week that will show some of their wildness. But, that’s enough about the Bills.

Winning this game was a pretty amazing experience for me. I’ve been to like 20 Jaguars games in my life. I have never seen them win in person. Ever. Not good.

I didn’t say anything about that this week because I didn’t want to be a jinx. The feeling in the stadium as the clock went down to 5 minutes remaining was so thicc that you could cut it with a sharp object. A knife. Sword. Anything sharp. A key would have worked in a bind. Jaguars fans have seen so many late game letdowns. A wild fumble would appear in the wilderness or an errant pass would suck the life out of the city. I was waiting for it. It didn’t come. Bortles dropped the snap late in the fourth. Instead of the ball changing hands, Bortles scooped it up and scrambled for a first down. The Jaguars ran a little more time off the clock and then the Bills got their final possession.

On a late third down, Tyrod scrambled and got drilled.

Nathan Peterman came in and all I could think about was his horrific half earlier this year where he threw 5 interceptions. I thought it was going to be a Hallmark moment. I thought Peterman was going to come and and make some fluke play to give the Bills their first playoff win in 20 years. That didnt happen. Jalen Ramsey did.

Lots of people are saying that the ball might have hit the ground. That’s impossible for me to know. When the play happened, I was yelling and didnt see a replay. Unfortunately, I’ll never watch a replay for a blog. That’s a promise.

Anyway, I’m on to the Steelers. Lots of people are saying we don’t have a chance. I dont know about that.