The Weekend Greenie Bag: What Is Jaylen Brown's Ceiling?


Welcome everybody to a late night Weekend Greenie Bag to hopefully help you handle your Sunday Scaries now that football is over. Personally at this point I’ll take anything to get my mind off the fact that we go back to work tomorrow, so why not check in with the stoolies and see what’s on their mind. As usual, if you ever have a basketball take you just need to bounce off someone, tweet me with #GreenieBag or email Some good stuff this week so let’s get right to it.

Your questions…

It’s simple really Charlie. They cannot prove they are capable of hanging with them until they play them in a playoff series where CLE is trying and the Celtics win.

We all know by now the Lebron you see in a playoff series is very different from the Lebron we’ve seen twice this season. Who knows how they look with a healthy Isaiah. We should all be aware of what happened last year when we played CLE even for the most part in the regular season. Doesn’t mean shit once the games truly matter.

Having said that, if they can control the glass and play the type of defense we’ve seen of late, it does get interesting.

We won’t see Kyrie sign an extension before free agency because it would make no sense for him to. Why extend early for less money when you can hit the FA market and cash in? Kyrie is getting max money at the end of his deal, so as a result we are forced to sweat it out. All things point to him staying, I mean he would be truly crazy to leave Lebron, and then leave this situation in Boston. I can’t see it. He has the keys to the franchise and they will do whatever to keep him. Try not to worry.

In terms of the Lakers pick, it’s interesting depending on where it falls. If it’s high, I want a big, and even if it’s on the lower end like 5, I still would rather have one of Bamba/Ayton/Porter/Doncic/Bagley. At the same time it does pose an interesting debate based on what you think they are going to do with Marcus Smart, but I mean these are all great problems to have. I don’t care where it is, I just need that pick to convey.


This is something that I’ve mostly noticed through playing 2k, but what do you think the minutes will look like at the 2-4 positions next year with Hayward back. You’d think hes gonna play 30ish a night, but where do you think those minutes come from? It would be tough to bench either Jaylen or Tatum, but if they resign Smart then those minutes have to come from somewhere. Plus we could always take a center and move Al to the 4 and then it gets real fucked up. Does Terry get screwed next year or do you think they just let Smart walk? – Joe

I can only go by what I do in 2K and that’s put Tatum at the 4. I have no idea if this would work, but I can very much get behind a starting 5 of Kyrie/Jaylen/Hayward/Tatum/Horford. You want to talk about positionless basketball, let’s fucking dance. I know this puts Horford at the 5 which he hates, but I think with what we’ve seen from Tatum and Jaylen, you have to ride with it.

What this means for Smart is he probably takes a hit minutes wise, but in a closing situation it wouldn’t shock me if they put him in instead of Jaylen so who really cares. I think how Rozier finishes the season will be a factor in how crazy Ainge is when it comes time to potentially match an offer. Like I said, he could pass on keeping Smart and draft Young, and save that money to resign Terry.

Where is Jaylens ceiling. Love the blogs keep them up Greenie – Dylan

Absolute best case scenario? He’s our version of a Kawhi. Now that’s a ridiculous thing to expect of someone, but they are similar in size (6’7 230 for Kawhi and 6’7 225 for Jaylen), and they are crazy athletes who couldn’t really shoot during college who slowly figured it out at the NBA level.

In Kawhi’s second year, his age 21 season, he averaged 11.9/6.0/1.0 with 49/37% splits. He was taking 3.0 3PA a game and 9 FGA a game with a defensive rating of 99.

In Jaylen’s second year, his age 21 season, he’s averaging 14/5.7/1.3 with 46/38% splits. He is taking 4.5 3PA a game and 11.2 FGA a game. He has a defensive rating of 102

I’m not saying he is Kawhi by any stretch, but Kawhi wasn’t the Kawhi we know now at age 21 either. So far Jaylen is trending that way. Kawhi developed through playoff runs his first two years, and that third year won his ring and really broke out. Well, Jaylen is set up to currently have two deep playoff runs, and then gets Gordon Hayward back next year. He could very well break out the same way Kawhi did in his age 22 season (3rd).


I mean we can dream can’t we?

How can I put this….

>What’s up Greenie?! Big fan of yours and the Barstool empire itself. I’m curious though what you think the Celtics will do with the $8.4M disabled player exception and also when? I think we could use another big or an off the bench wing scorer who can knock it down from deep consistently – Joseph

Slim chance we see it used before February, but now that the Clippers have started to win, I’m shifting my entire DPE focus to Tyreke Evans. The Grizzlies literally can’t keep him because they don’t own his Bird rights and they don’t have the space. It would be so stupid of them to hold onto Evans for the rest of a lost year and have him leave for nothing.

But there are also people on rosters we probably don’t even know about that will be bought out as well. At that point, the Celtics will have more money than any other suitor if they decide to be interested. Does Monroe get bought out in PHX? What about Noel or Belinelli? The good news is they are in no rush because maybe you’ve heard but they’re 32-10.


Love the hustle churning out consistent celtics content, your time is coming! It’s obviously early and Hayward can affect this as well but what do you think Brad would look like for a playoff rotation. He consistently has been playing guys no more than ~33/34 min a night with Kyrie closer to 31-32. Is that much rest necessary or do you think it is likely that they will run with something along the lines of just Kyrie Jaylen Tatum Horford Baynes Rozier Smart?

Keep up the great work! – Chris

If we know anything about Brad, it’s that his rotations will be extremely matchup based. In the playoffs, it’s all about having your best players on the floor, so we’ll most likely see a Kyrie/Jaylen/Tatum/Morris/Horford lineup that plays the majority of the minutes. When it’s time to close, you’re going to see a lot more Marcus Smart. I think by that time Brad will unleash Kyrie for more than 30 minutes a night, but think about the luxury of not having to. In the playoffs it becomes less about depth and more about high level talent. I think Brad has learned that lesson and he probably won’t go more than 8 or so deep on his roster.

Only exception to this rule is Yabu. Yabu needs all the playoff minutes.

And that’s it! Thanks to everyone who wrote in this week, we have a long break so feel free to fill the time hitting up my inbox. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night and see everyone next week