That Was The Most Painful Playoff Game To Watch... Until Nathan Peterman Checked In

3-3 at the half. Blake Bortles ended up running for more yards than he threw for because the wind was too strong for any mortal human to complete a five yard pass. Cameramen along the sidelines were in constant fear for their lives.

It was an unmitigated disaster. What did we, the viewer, do to deserve such a horrific playoff football game? And then Dante Fowler gave Tyrod Taylor a Rock Bottom, stunning him out of the contest, and that’s when the most electric player in the League grabbed his helmet, buckled his chinstrap and took the field. With the mass confusion and pandemonium that swept the field you could feel the magic in the air. Something special was brewing. And then it happened:

First down scramble, Peterman constantly keeping his eyes down the field only to fumble and casually leave the ball on the turf before it was eventually kicked out of bounds.

Fresh set of downs, something neither side could accomplish all afternoon, before Nate Pete promptly got flagged for an intentional grounding. Tony Romo FINALLY got some closure on the clock runoff rule he was frantically trying to figure out for the prior five minutes. Clearly Peterman only did that so that Romo could have a semblance of serenity. What a pal.

And then, Peterman – with the season on the line, team on his back – put his last two errors in his rearview, dropped back in the pocket, rifled a laser across the field to challenge one of the best corners in all of football. The balls it takes to make that throw, with so much on the line, given the competition, is unrivaled in modern sports. Sure, it was immediately intercepted, ending the game and the Bills season. An old fashioned “2 birds one stone” type of throw. But don’t miss the forest from the trees. It takes a special type of player to challenge the greats, to have such a short term memory that the last mistake is already gone from your mind. Long live Nathan Peterman, the most dependable, consistent quarterback in the NFL.