The Kansas City Chiefs Blew A 21-3 Lead



Me, a literal hour ago: “This whole play was funny as hell and seeing as the Titans can’t even field punts anymore I can’t imagine this impacting the outcome of this game.”

Clearly, I’m an idiot. No one is disputing that. How the Tennessee Titans won that game, I have no idea. Like I said: they scored the Mariota to Mariota TD, forced a stop and promptly fumbled the punt, even the Mariota TD took half a quarter. They were down 21-3. They were dead. The Travis Kelce concussion was obviously massive for the Chiefs offense as they were out of rhythm the rest of the game. Tyreek Hill had four drops after never registering more than one drop in a professional game. And, for reasons I’ll never understand, the Chiefs just stopped handing the ball to Kareem Hunt. It’s also crazy that Kansas City, one of the better regular season home fields in the league, can’t win at all in the playoffs at Arrowhead. 23 years, ZERO home wins. It doesn’t make any sense.

Now, someone please get Sean McDonough some tea for his voice.