Big Shout Out to Logan Paul for Making Me Look Like The Most Culturally Respectful Person In The World

As Barstool’s foreign correspondent who makes most of his content outside of the US and recently did a bunch of videos in Japan I feel like I needed to touch on this. Now since working for Barstool I haven’t faced any backlash for disrespecting other cultures but before when I was just on youtube I’d get the occasional complaint.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.29.52 AM

Specifically, some folks on the Shanghai subreddit thought I was the fucking anti-christ.

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Keep in mind though, these complaints have only came from triggered white folks. The only complaint I got from a local Chinese was that “I should be more racist and controversial if I want more views.”  Judging by the amount of views and subs Logal Paul gets he probably wasn’t wrong but that’s not what I’m about. If you actually watch my videos you’d see that the majority of my interactions with Chinese people leave them smiling(or sometimes very confused). This is the look of Japanese person who just crossed paths with Logan Paul.

logan paul still 2
Most of my humor isn’t coming from “HAHA look at these stupid Asians” but from the fact I’m someone you’d expect to see stumbling around your local pub, not going about everyday life in China like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Now every once in a while I’ll get a DM from some loser being like “Lol aren’t Gooks the worst? Keep fucking with them” and it really sucks, but on the whole that’s not what people takeaway from my videos. I have a Chinese Mom for christ sakes.

I’m a huge proponent of “inter-cultural comedy”,  it’s hilarious and pretty much all I do. But there is a BIG difference between poking fun at cultural differences and being an annoying asshole, racist, or just plan unfunny. Logan Paul happens to be all three. Here are some of the f?u?n?n?i?e?s?t?  brutally cringeworthy moments from this Japan video:
– Buying a GameBoy, breaking it by smashing it on the street, and then complaining to the person who sold it to you that is “Mucho Broken-o” GET IT? He thinks Japanese people speak Spanish. LULZ.

Logan Paul Still 1

– “Hmm Japanese like Pokemon, How about I buy a pokeball and throw it at strangers and into traffic?” ROTFL

logan paul still 3

– “Japanese people eat a lot of seafood (and sometimes watch tentacle porn) let me buy seafood so I can shove it in stranger’s faces and then leave it on a random person’s car.

logal paul squid

logal paul fish

Sadly tho, these are the type of antics that get the most views and subs on youtube. Lord knows Logan Paul had a way more successful youtube career than me. That’s one of the reasons I was so happy to get a job at Barstool Sports because I could no longer be classified as a “youtuber” (I fucking hate that word).

Now let me clarify that I don’t claim to be a shining example of how to act in a different country. I’ve done a few things I’m not proud of (such as getting black out drunk at 7AM in a Chinese Starbucks during a Celtics Playoff game. TBF it was the only place with free wi-fi to stream the game)


and I openly take advantage of my white privilege all the time, but my God does that prick Logan Paul make me look like a saint. If only MindAlchemist knew how good he had it with me.

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And by the way buddy, it did end up making me money.