Swedish World Junior Captain Lias Andersson Wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With Your Silver Medal

“If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby” – Lias Andersson.

So in case you missed it, Team Canada won gold at the World Juniors last night. Whatever. Gold is overrated anyway, bronze is where it’s at in 2018. And Team Sweden captain Lias Andersson (NYR 2017 1st round pick) wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the silver medal. Takes it off of his neck the second it’s put on there, skates over to the glass and chucks it up into the crowd. Leading to one of the more incredible moments of the entire tournament.

Buddy who catches the medal, who is most likely a member of Bills Mafia, is wearing a Rochester Americans sweater at first. Pulls it off and underneath he has a 1980 US Olympic team sweater on. Pulls that off and pal has the Three Crowns under everything. As if Lias Andersson wasn’t throwing that medal into the crowd just because he was pissed off about losing the game, but because he knew this dude was lowkey a Team Sweden supporter the whole time. What a turn of events.

Now since the medal toss, I’ve seen a lot of people come out and ridicule Andersson for this. Saying that he needs to grow up. Saying that he’ll regret not having that medal later in life. Saying all this shit about how he’s setting a poor example and yada yada yada. I’m just here to say all those people need to shut their damn mouths. Most of the people saying this are obviously Canadian. I love you goofy Canuck bastards but you’re all soft as hell when it comes to sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is easily the most overrated part about all of sports. I don’t want Lias Andersson to be content with losing. I don’t want Lias Andersson to be content with just making it to the gold medal game and coming away with silver. I want my leaders to hate to lose more than they love to win. That’s how you cultivate a champion. That’s the mentality that breeds nothing but dominance. The silver medal is merely a participation trophy. And my hat goes off to Lias Andersson for treating it as such. Such a Hockey Guy move through and through. It’s just gonna suck when I have to hate him once he starts playing for the Rangers.

Couple more moments from last night’s Gold Medal Game.

– Gotta love the balls on this Swedish fan after Tim Soderlund (CHI 2017 4th round pick) scored to tie the game 1-1.

Slap hands! Slap hands!

– Tyler Steenbergen (ARI 2017 5th round pick) scored the golden goal and this celebration says it all.

– I’m always a sucker for bench celebrations. Here’s the Canadian bench once they knew they had this shit locked up.

So congrats to Team Canada on winning the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championship. I say it every year but the World Juniors is one of the best annual tournaments that all of sports have to offer. The last week of December and first week of January are always the best time of the year and just like that, they’ve come to an end. See everybody next year in Vancouver.