When Grumors Become Reality: Jon Gruden Will Become the Next Raiders Head Coach

Chuckie is back!!! After all these years of Tennessee rumors, Colts rumors, any team with a head coaching vacancy rumors for Christ’s sake, Jon Gruden is officially coming back to the Oakland Raiders, the place he first broke in as an NFL head coach. It sounds like Oakland is about to make Gruden the highest paid coach in NFL history and give him ownership stake which is absolutely wild, but it’s an all-in move that was needed to pry Chuckie from the booth.

Update: Holy Shit balls

It’s a sad end to an awesome era of Gruden in the MNF booth where he treated us to Spider 2 Y Bananas all over the place parlayed with Gruden Grinders.

It also brings an end to the Gruden QB Camp era. Here’s his segment with his new QB Derek Carr

But now we get mic’d up Jon Gruden on the field which might be the best thing ever. I just got so giddy for Gruden returning to the sidelines, like a butterfly feeling in my stomach. I have no idea how he’s gonna fit in Vegas which seems like the last place in the world for him to live and coach, but hey it’s gonna make for awesome content. Can we please get the Raiders on Hard Knocks. PLEASE.