I Cannot Imagine Rooting For A Team With So Much QB/Head Coach/Ownership Dysfunction

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So obviously this is the biggest story of the day. Lots of terrible, terrible turmoil, backstabbing, and deceit in the Patriots organization. Media leaks, politics, and unrest running wild in Foxborough. Big time, well fact checked, extremely accurate ESPN article that says Belichick and Brady don’t get along, Brady demanded Garoppolo get traded, and Kraft wants all the credit for the dynasty. One word and one word only for what’s happening up there:


Which is why I am blessed to be a Washington Redskins fan. We’ve never had a QB undermine his head coach to the point he went to the owner who loves him with demands. Not here, not this proud franchise.

We’ve never had sources close to the head coach leak information to the media to make himself look like a hero and the QB look dramatic. Our head coaches and QBs have always been on the same page.

And we’ve certainly never had an owner who wants all the credit and attention. Sometimes I even forget the name of our owner because he stays so far in the shadows. And the owner getting involved in the general manager’s affairs? Couldn’t be my team.

My team:

NFL Washington Redskins vs New Orleans Saints

So hey, good luck to the Patriots and their fans. I wish I had some words of encouragement or a way to relate to what’s going on, but I’m coming up with nothing. It’s so nice rooting for a team with QB stability, a coach who knows his job is safe, and an owner who would never meddle in team affairs. HTTR, who has it better than us?