Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, And Robert Kraft Issue A Triple Joint Statement... WE STAND UNITED

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First and foremost, I fucking LOVE the triple joint statement. You don’t see those often, or ever. You’ll see teams issue statements or individuals issue them through representatives, you never see three guys get in a room and put pen to paper to sort everything out and that’s obviously what happened here. It’s all good. Like every single boss-employee relationship in America they’re not best friends, but they’ve got a good (damn near flawless) working relationship. They’ve got a common goal and ain’t nothing stopping them from achieving it, certainly not some inaccuracies or fallacies in an article.

Second, thank you so much for that last bit. “We Stand United” is fucking beautiful. It’s goddamn Patriotic is what it is. It will be the title of the Super Bowl DVD, it will be the rallying cry of a region, it’s flawless. Infighting? Backstabbing? Tension? Oh no no, my friends. We’re going for a Super Bowl and we motherfucking stand united!

PS – Don’t sleep on that “work together in the future” part. I find a good amount of that article believable and not at all inflammatory, one of the few major parts that gave me pause was the bit about Belichick retiring. He just denied that. Belichick/Brady ’18, baby! Let’s ride!