Indian Man Kidnapped And Forced To Marry A Woman At Gunpoint, Cries Throughout The Wedding

Press 24 News- An engineer was kidnapped and forced to marry a girl in Pandarak block of Patna district. He was, however, rescued later after his family approached the police. The girl’s family is still on a run.

The incident is a part of ‘Pakraua Vivah’ (forced marriage), which is an old practice in the district. With dowry demands rising, the families of girls seek help from criminal gangs that kidnap youths and force them into wedlock.

Though forced marriages take place among all castes, it is more prevalent among the upper castes where the demand for dowry is more.

How about the wedding photographer, taking a video of this sad sack of shame? The whole thing was shot in the chicken coop behind the house, under the cover of darkness, with a bunch of angry, robed women standing by to castrate the guy if he tries to run. It all feels quite a bit like an ISIS-beheading video, and I’m sure the groom would much prefer to be in a cave surrounded by mujahideen than here in this nightmare “wedding.”

Imagine being the wife and showing the wedding video to your girlfriends over tea? Like “here we are! Look at Pakraua, he is sobbing with happiness. My feet hurt so much but it was worth it!” Posting clips of this shit on your Instagram like “TBT to the happiest day of my life!” I’m sure some of her friends would be jealous, too. The only difference between this scene and what we have in America is that the bride’s family is holding the gun. Here in America, the bride herself has the gun. She might not bring it to the wedding, and it might be a metaphorical gun, but make no mistake–men in America get married at gunpoint.

I have a buddy who has been dating his girlfriend for like 5 years. They live together and he’s probably going to marry her someday, but he’s not ready to pop the question yet. We’re 28, and all around us, other friends are getting married–guys who have been dating their girlfriends for shorter durations, whose relationships seem much less solid than my buddy’s. And every single time another couple we know gets engaged, that couple posts a picture on Instagram brandishing the ring and saying something like “I’m engaged to my best friend and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him/her!”

This ENRAGES his girlfriend. “JOHN AND LILLY ARE GETTING MARRIED? THEY BARELY FUCKING KNOW EACH OTHER!” Every engagement she sees adds another round in the chamber of the glock that she keeps pinned to the small of his back. It’s the reason that all of their pictures show him wincing slightly as he tries to smile, with her arm hidden behind his back. He can feel the cold steel barrel pushing into his spine as she whispers “whenever you’re ready, you sick bastard.”

So, good luck to the happy couple in India. I’m sure they’re headed for a life of domestic tranquility and support.