How Much Blame Do The Buffalo Bills Deserve For Ruining The USA World Juniors Team?

United States v Sweden: Semifinals - 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship

As soon as it was announced yesterday that Team USA would be wearing their Buffalo Bills inspired uniforms for their WJC semifinal matchup against Sweden, I got an immediate pit in my stomach. I instantly had a horrible feeling about that game. I didn’t want to admit it. I wanted to be strong, to project like I still had faith in this team. But I knew right away that game wasn’t going to go the way that we all wanted it to go.

Here’s the thing. I don’t even hate these jerseys as much as I think everybody else seems to hate them. Would I ever want them to become a staple uniform for USA hockey? Of course not. But I had no issue with them being worn for the outdoor game being played at New Era Field. It was a one time thing for the first ever outdoor World Juniors game and it was being played in an NFL stadium. I can at least appreciate the thought process behind these jerseys. But they should have stayed a one time thing. As soon as that game was over, USA should have auctioned off those jerseys and got rid of them for good. They ESPECIALLY should have never even thought to wear them in a playoff game. Because…well… the Bills.

You see Brady Tkachuk right there at the top of this blog? Kid was born in 1999. When was the last year the Bills made the playoffs before this year? 1999. And that’s not even the last time they got a playoff win. You have to go back to 1995 for that. Kids who were born the last time the Buffalo Bills got a win in the playoffs are too old to play in the World Junior Championships. So when the tournament is on the line and it comes down to loser goes home, you should probably do everything possible to separate yourself from the Bills’ juju. Instead, Team USA decided to spit in the face of the Hockey Gods and test their fate.


I knew that game was going to be bad but I don’t think anybody could have predicted “giving up 2 shorthanded goals during the same powerplay” bad.

Now it’s not like Team USA went into the World Juniors this year and just beat the brakes off of everybody they came across. They got big time performances out of big time players, butside of the Denmark game to open up the tournament, every game for them was a dog fight. So who knows what the final score would have looked like if they decided to wear another jersey. I know for damn sure they would have won if they were wearing the 1960 throwback sweaters but they were the lower seed in this game and needed to wear dark. Am I saying confidently that they would have won the game in their regular dark jerseys? I don’t know. But I sure as shit know that they forfeited any chance they had of winning the moment they put on the Bills jerseys yesterday. So when it comes to assessing who deserves the blame for Team USA falling apart in the semis and failing to repeat at the World Juniors, I think you at least have to throw 60-70% on the goddamn Bills.

USA plays the Czechs today at 4 for Bronze. Let me know if anybody wants a live blog or if we just want to forget that game is even happening.