Paul George Clearly Had No Idea Who The Hell Baker Mayfield Was Last Night

*Turns on YP voice*

Man, what a week it has been for Baker Mayfield. One minute everyone is cumming themselves during the first half of the Rose Bowl as his draft stock starts to soar, with that receiving touchdown coming in as the absolute zenith point. Then Georgia made some adjustments, a few OU play calls didn’t work out, and yada yada yada Paul George is giving him the weakest dap in the history of daps. That dap was almost worse than flat out ignoring Baker. It was like a pity hello for a fan that likely paid a shit ton for courtside seats and you never know if an oil baron’s son may be in OKC to see Westbrook and the guys play a game on a Thursday night.

Now George has since admitted he didn’t recognize Mayfield.

So in the end, it was no harm no foul. But I actually loved that this all happened and because of it I am moving Baker Mayfield up my Barstool NFL Draft Big Board™. Mayfield knows what it is like to be a walk on and fight for what he gets. And now he got a taste of what life is like if the NFL dosen’t pan out and he’s a regular old shlub instead of the big man on campus. I mean he even retweeted Paul George’s apology.


You don’t retweet that unless you want people to know that you are known. If Mayfield was 7 feet tall like The Brocketship, I bet George would have recognized him. But he’s not. And that height is the biggest thing picked apart by all these scouts and draft experts. Trust me, last night will only make Baker Mayfield better. He already had the drive, this will only put him into superduperdrive before the Combine. And you already can’t teach some of the stuff he does on and off the field.