Last Night In The NBA: A Couple Showdowns In The West

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets

Happy Friday everybody and welcome to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we bring you up to speed on everything that happened the night before in the Association. Unfortunately there were just two games last night, but the good news is both were wildly entertaining and consisted of some of the better teams in the West. I know you don’t feel like working right now, so sit back and relax and let me tell you what happened

Warriors (31-8) 124 vs Rockets (27-10) 114

It was a tad disappointing that Harden was sitting out this matchup with his bum hamstring, especially how awesome the first game was between these two teams when the Rockets won 122-121 on the Warriors ring night. Much like CLE/BOS, these teams only play each other 3 times this year, and with how close the top of the West is, the Warriors needed to return the favor to bring the H2H back to 1-1. Well, fortunately for GS fans even without KD boy were they nasty

You know what’s crazy watching Steph Curry to me? We all know he has the quickest release in the NBA, but every time I watch him my brain still can’t comprehend how he gets it off as quick as he does. It’s basically not human. This win marked the 9th in a row on the road for GS, and they have the most road wins in the NBA win 16. I commend the Rockets for keeping it close for like 95% of this game, but that’s the thing with GS. You can think you have them right where you want them and then boom a quick like 8-0 run and it’s curtains for you.

Not that it really matters because they’re the Warriors, but January isn’t the easiest month when you look at it. They get LAC twice, HOU twice, CLE, TOR, MIN, MIL, and BOS all over the next few weeks.

For HOU, you take this game with a grain of salt because you didn’t have Harden, but it still has to stink losing at home to the team you’re obsessed about. It wasn’t all bad though, CP3 looked great with his 28/7/9 on 10-21 shooting including 5 made threes. He also may have ended David West’s career

Filling in for Harden in the starting lineup was Eric Gordon, who accepted the challenge and finished with 30/7 of his own on 12-24

But the real story with Houston is the play of my man Gerald Green. 27 points the night before and he backed that up with a great 29 point performance off the bench lat night on 9-16 shooting including 8 made threes in his 34 minutes

His contract is going to be guaranteed for the rest of the season, and I couldn’t be happier that Gerald found a spot on a contender and is actually contributing. When you look at this total production, it’s hard to imagine a team losing that gets nearly 90 points from three players, but when you are trying to beat GS you need everybody on your roster to play well, and guys like Ariza/Anderson combined for 3-13. It felt like the Rockets ran out of a little gas late and they paid for it.

Let’s just hope both teams are fully healthy for the 1/20 game in HOU.

Thunder (22-17) 127 vs Clippers (17-20) 117

The Thunder are a very confusing team, even at this point of the season for me. They can go on a nice winning streak and then lose to the Bucks and Mavericks back to back, and then in their next two games look unstoppable scoring 133 and 127 points. A current 5 seed they are 2 games behind MIN who is in their division and have just a 2 game lead over the 8 spot in the West. Who knows where they’ll end up, but what we do know is the Big 3 from OKC were clicking on all cylinders last night.

This was a game you could say these three all found their rhythm at the same time, and when that happens they are going to be really really hard to beat. I can imagine how much of a tease this was for the people of LA to see PG13 dominate given all the rumors about a move to LA for him, but if this team makes a serious run what do the Thunder do? You can’t move him at the deadline, so you just hope he stays? That has to be nerve wracking.

The one thing I could say we saw as a potential weakness with OKC is they are really fucked if Steven Adams gets in foul trouble and they are playing a team with a dominant big. They just don’t have the depth. That could make for a pretty interesting series if they end up playing MIN/SA in Round 1.

For LAC, the story of their year is obviously injuries. Gallo is still out, Austin Rivers is banged up, but overall they’ve been playing much better. Certainly they are not at the point where they need to blow it all up, and getting Griffin back has a lot to do with that. He was great, with 24/9/7 on 8-19 shooting in 33 minutes

and his frontcourt mate wasn’t too shabby with with Jordan finishing with 26/17 on 10-15 shooting

Like I said, OKC struggles with dominant bigs. The worst part about the Clippers being not terrible is there is probably a slim chance they now move Lou Williams at the deadline, and I can think of a certain team that I root for that could really use his 26/3/10 ability

This loss snapped the Clippers little 4 game streak, and they are about to face GS twice in their next three games and have dates with HOU/MIN/BOS later this month. They sit two games behind NO for the last playoff spot in the West so it certainly won’t be easy, but if they can get guys back it wouldn’t shock me if by Spring they’re losing in the first round to somebody.

And that’s it! You’re now all caught up on everything that happened last night in the NBA. Things pick back up tonight with 10 games on the schedule including some good matchups like MIN/BOS, DET/PHI, TOR/MIL, and UTA/DEN. As always if you decide to go out and live your life on a Friday night, come back tomorrow and I’ll fill you in.


Fuck it, it’s Friday and there’s no way just 2 games were enough for you to kill time at work, so enjoy this full length game as well