Demand Is So Outrageous For The New Trump White House Book, The Publisher Is Releasing It 4 Days Early (Tomorrow!)

Trump’s obviously in on this book. Has to be. There’s zero chance Ratings Machine DJT doesn’t have a piece of this action. Juicy White House details, legal threats, demand skyrocketing so hard the publisher’s forced to move UP the release. Who moves releases up? Nobody. Ever. That’s like a flight taking off early. You only get delays — nobody gets move ups. Has to be the greatest hype train for a damn book in the history of books. A fucking BOOK! The book of the year, book of the decade. With the precision and professionalism Trump’s hyped this thing, no book is safe. Not even the Bible.

It’s even got a nice blurb about heavenly angel Hope Hicks.


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“The best piece of tail” … what a compliment! Twitter bio city: “President Of The United States called me ‘the best piece of tail.'”

Complimenter in Chief imo.