Nice To See Liam Neeson's Cold Dead Body Enjoying Some Hockey Last Night

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.59.40 AM

Hey uh, what was going on with Liam Neeson last night? We have a Weekend At Bernie’s situation on our hands? Is his cold dead body booking appearances at hockey games? Is he method acting for a sequel to ‘The Grey’? Maybe he’s learned to become one with the Force like Qui-Gon? Homeboy looks like he needs a quick swim in the Lazarus Pit. I’m as pale as they come, but I’m white. Liam Neeson is a blue-ish purple right now. He looks like a statue made of marble.

While we’re on the Neeson subject, you guys see the trailer for his new movie? The Commuter?

That’s just like Non Stop, his action movie that takes place on a moving plane, but now he’s on a moving train. They just word replaced the whole screenplay and smacked an NJ Transit in the background of a few shots. Unbelievable.