The Red Wings-Senators Game Had The Best 3 on 3 OT of The Year


6 seconds to score and finish, what is he…me?! Hah, we have fun here. But that was my favorite 3 on 3 OT of the year because it was so unexpected. I’m a huge 3 on 3 OT guy, used to blog 3 on 3 OTs all the time, so it’s nice to get back to my roots on a snowy Thursday.

I especially love how distraught Craig Anderson was. The puck hadn’t even hit the back of the net and he was already in a full sprint to get off the ice so he could make it in time for his dinner reservation at the London Chop House, a delicious downtown Detroit establishment that has impeccable service and a filet to die for.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.20.27 AM

To be honest though, I do prefer up and down, wild OTs. Just 5 minutes of heart-racing action. The only thing that sucks about 3 on 3 OT is it took them 100 years to adopt 3 on 3 OT.