TV Teddy Stays TV Teddy by Turning His Back on Joel Berry

The legend of TV Teddy Valentine continues to grow just when it seems like it’s reached its peak. This time he literally acts like a pissed off girlfriend and/or child when Joel Berry tries to plead his case about an obvious missed call. Now, if you’ve followed me you know I have a pure hatred for refs while acknowledging they do have a somewhat difficult job. That said, this is just atrocious and why refs are arguably the worst people on the planet. Some may say they need enforcers or rather enforcers to keep them away from the game, not really sure how Jordie decides that.

Listen, my main problem with refs are that they are egotistical maniacs who want to be part of the game and then want no part of actually explaining why they did something dumb/stupid. I hate that players and coaches have to sit through media days, interviews and everything else asking why a certain play was made or why a certain substitution happened. Let’s start making refs sit through the same thing. I’d love to have someone ask Teddy Valentine what he was thinking as he turned his back on Joel Berry.

I will say as much as people like to make fun on Teddy Valentine, he’s one of the more respected refs in college hoops. Coaches do tend to prefer him on their games because he’s typically consistent, doesn’t play into the home crowd and is willing to listen to coaches bitch at him for the entire game – contrary to what we see here with Berry. But, come on with this noise. This is why you’re called TV Teddy and it ain’t a positive.

If a ref does this again, the player should have 100% right to chuck the ball as hard as possible at the back of the ref a la Smitty in coed dodgeball. But stay hot, TV Teddy, you win the internet yet again.