Potential Future Giants Sam Darnold And Josh Rosen Both Announce They Are Entering The NFL Draft

Lets fucking roll baby!!! I hope every single eligible college QB declares for the draft by the end of the night. The more options the better in my mind. More players for the Browns to choose between before screwing up the pick and more players that can fall to the Giants while also making a trade more enticing for teams picking after number 2.

As for style points, I’m giving the early advantage to Rosen. Both had the same amount of fluff in their announcement, but Rosen announced he was leaving school on Twitter AND Instagram while Darnold only appears to have Instagram (unless he has Twitter burner accounts like Kevin Durant). Plus three Instagram videos seems a little excessive from Darnold. Give me the typical cliche nonsense in 60 seconds or less and keep it moving. So Rosen gets the checkmark in the all important Social Media Profile column in my scouting report.

In the end, I honestly don’t know who I want the Giants to draft because both these guys kinda stunk whenever I watched them. I’m not saying they stunk all season long. But whenever I turned on a UCLA or USC game, admittedly not often because I’m not a big college football fan, neither guy was all that impressive. In the end, I’ll just listen to whatever Todd McShay tells me to think since he’s the official draft analyst of the Barstool Combine and anyone that spends their time breaking down the 40 times and shuttle drill of the mongoloids in this office loves the draft game more than anyone should.

And if we are being honest, I’ll convince myself that anybody the Giants pick is the right pick after watching their YouTube highlight reels. If I can do that for a running back drafted in the 7th round, I sure as fuck can do that for a quarterback drafted number 2 overall.