I Cannot Get Enough Of This Guy That Played Three Flutes At Once On His Twitch Stream

That right there is some good old fashioned internetting. Before we lived in this time of outrage and bickering on the World Wide Web, there was the Golden Age of the Internet. A magical time that had bum fights and double rainbows and Numa Numa guy and a bunch of absolutely ridiculous shit that seemed to pop up every hour. And this glorious man would have fit right in with that wonderful time in history. A Bavarian bearded Mr. Steal Yo Girl that snatches your boo’s hot cross buns right from under your arm like the Pied Piper if the Pied Piper had the ability and gumption to play 3 recorders at a time. And can you imagine if this guy was leading House Barstool into battle at King Richard’s Faire? Electricity overload.

I never understood how Twitch could be worth a billion dollars when it was just idiots streaming video games (I can say that since I am one of those idiots).

But this IRL stuff could be exactly what we need to bring back the internet’s glory days.


Or we all are going to die in a nuclear war tomorrow. I’m not sure.

via reddit