Our Beloved Jaguars Are Donating 1,000 Tickets For Sunday's Playoff Game To Refugees

Pretty cool story here. The Jaguars havent had a home playoff game since the 1999 season and the tickets are sold out. People all over my twitter feed are trying to get tickets and they cant. The home ticket sales in Jacksonville hasnt exactly shattered any records in the last decade. While the ticket sales and attendance are nearly as bad as others make it seem, you’d think an owner would take advantage of a playoff gate. Having an extra game for a small market team like Jacksonville is huge for revenue. Shad Khan didnt care about that. He remembers his roots.

If you dont know about Shad, you should read up about him. It’s a really inspirational story. From a guy who washed dishes to pay his way through school to a dude who owns an NFL team, an EPL soccer club, and a HUGE mega-yacht.


And that’s what we in biz call a feel-good story. Cant wait for Sunday.