Russia's Military Account On YouTube Posted A Video Of Puppies So I Don't Know How To Feel

Newsweek- Russia’s Defense Ministry has taken an unusual approach to promoting its armed forces, with a festive military video featuring packs of puppies. In video entitled “Faithful Friends congratulate you on the coming New Year,” the military’s footage features the adorable fluffy animals frolicking in the snow to the soothing sounds of elevator music. The puppies, who are among the residents of the 170th dog training center of the Russian Armed Forces, are also shown being trained by various officers, with the footage also featuring larger dogs who are among the 3,000 canine members of the army, Reuters reported.

It marks something of a shift in tone from the ministry, which most frequently shares posts about its operations in Syria, its military capabilities and the actions and whereabouts of its two-legged members of the armed forces. The short video, which was released on YouTube on January 1, comes shortly after a more serious New Year message from Russian President Vladimir Putin on the future of Russian troops in Syria.

Come on, Vladimir. Come on buddddddddy. He almost had me but you can’t be this heavy handed with puppy propaganda. Him and his Russian pals didn’t even try to be subtle about it. This video came outta NOWHERE. They did it on Russia’s military YouTube which seems very strange. You don’t have to tell me about the power of puppy pictures and videos but this thing sticks out like a sore thumb.

The other videos look like this

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 2.27.42 PM

Military planes, military ships, tanks, destruction and PUPPIES.

It’s almost like Putin was sitting around like, “We need to up our optics! We need people to not look at me like a vicious dictator! You know what we need? PUPPIES!” and some Russian dude threw up that puppy video on the first page he saw. Maybe I’m not woke enough on this. Maybe Putin is working some sort of black magic that I can’t even see. That’s possible. This could be a completely new type of weapon of mass destruction and we’re all doomed.