Terrible Human Tricks His Hungover Girlfriend Into Drinking A Glass Of Vodka That She Thought Was Water

Their relationship has to be over, right? Like, there’s no way you can possibly forgive someone for that. Mistaking any kind of alcohol for water when you’re hung over is the WORST. If my significant other said, “I want to help you feel better” and handed me a vodka neat at eight in the morning, I’d murder them. I would look for the nearest sharp object and drive it directly into their chest. Repeatedly. You don’t mess with people when they’re hung over. These two are young, so I’m sure she made a speedy recovery, but for anyone over the age of twenty-five that’s a week in bed. I had a hangover so violent (I remember the day, October 6th) that I woke up, cried, and didn’t drink for a month. The worst part was that I didn’t even have that much. My body just decided to chin-check me. Completely dom’d me out and I bowed like a bitch. Haven’t been the same since. So get it out of your system now, buddy. In a few years hangovers will be no laughing matter.