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Dustin From Stranger Things Performed Some Fall Out Boy And Paramore Songs And Obviously Rocked It

I think I say this every time one of the Stranger Things stars is in the news but I’m gonna say it again: I didn’t even know they packed this much pizzaz into kids. Just how electric is Gaten Matarazzo? Well I’m not even sure his mic was on and he still rocked the hell out of that performance. Yeah, he’s that talented. He was the superstar of this cover song performance, no one in the crowd could take their eyes off him, and I don’t believe that his voice ever actually echoed through the speakers at The Stone Pony (shoutout Bruce Springsteen and also shoutout the Barstool Blackout Tour, just a few of the incredibly famous acts that have also graced that stage).

When you think of a concert the singing is just about the first thing that comes to mind. Many people would argue that it’s paramount to put on a good vocal performance when singing songs in front of people, but Gaten here throws that caution to the wind and just rocks everyones socks off. That’s incredible stuff, ladies and gentlemen. He said you know what? I’m not gonna do a noticeable amount of singing, I’m just going to dance and sometimes stand at the mic with my mouth agape, and people are going to love it. That’s a level of “it” possession that is very, very rarely seen.

Dustin doesn’t need to hit the high notes in order to wow, he just has to exist. That’s impressive as hell.