Detroit, Michigan. Lovers Of The Dab, Haters Of Sidney Crosby

This video warms my heart for a few different reasons. 1) Because it shows that no matter how hard everybody tries, the dab will never go away. The year will be 3018. The Mars Red Wings will be playing against the Pluto Penguins. Mars is up 4-2 in the 3rd period with 7 minutes left. The puck is deflected out of play which, on Mars, means that it is sent into outer space. In between play, the arena jumbotron focuses a kid in the stands. He proceeds to dab his face off and everybody loves it.

2) Because it’s nice to see that Little Caesars Arena is slowly starting to bring in a few more fans. LCA looked 75% empty near the beginning of the season. Detroit is still 13th in the East but there’s reason to be hopeful for the future of the Red Wings. The fans aren’t exactly packing the arena yet but they’re at least at 50% now.

And 3) Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And if MySpace were still a thing, I’d have the Detroit Red Wings fans in My Top 8 for sure after showering Sidney Crosby with New Years Eve boo’s like that. If you hate Crosby, I love you. That’s a fact, Jack. I just need to know what the reaction would be if Crosby were to dab on the jumbotron. That would be the true test. Does your love for dabbing outweigh your hatred of Sidney Crosby? These are the questions that need answers before we officially allow Detroit to join the Anti-Crosby Alliance.