I Love Watching This Jeopardy Contestant Lose Money For Answering "Gangster's Paradise" Instead Of "Gangsta's Paradise"

I don’t know if it’s because today is the worst day of the year or that the temperature has been single digits out for what seems like months, but this video warms up my soul every time I watch it. Ol’ Nicky Poo was feeling himself big time after he got that question right. Not only did he lock up some hard earned Jeopardy currency, but he also gained a little bit of street cred by answering a hip hop question correctly. I always wondered what a young VM Varga would look like with a little swagger in his step on a gameshow before years of crime and forced pukes took a toll on his body and teeth. And Nick showed us EXACTLY what that would look like.


But then the Hip Hop Gods stepped in and autocorrected everything in one fell swoop. Trebek may have swung the sword, but make no mistake about it, those gods passed the sentence. And once that happened, VM Jr. hit us with the perfect Jeopardy Sad Face.


$3200 = Gone. Street cred = Gone. Relative anonymity as a Jeopardy contestant = Gone.

The lesson as always is to end your hip hop titles and lyrics with a soft A. Day 1 hip hop stuff, really.

h/t sd