Winter Olympics Get Much Needed Boost As North Korea, Who Yesterday Bragged About Mass-Producing Nukes, Enters Talks To Compete

Business InsiderSouth Korea on Tuesday offered talks with North Korea amid a standoff over its weapons programs, a day after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was open to negotiations but that his country would push ahead with “mass producing” nuclear warheads.

The offer for high-level talks next Tuesday had been discussed with the United States, the South’s unification minister said, while a decision on whether to push back a massive joint military drill between South Korea and the United States until after the Winter Olympics was pending.

Tension has been rising over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, which it pursues in defiance of years of U.N. Security Council resolutions, with bellicose rhetoric coming from both Pyongyang and the White House. The North sees the regular war drills between the South and the United States as preparations for war.

“We look forward to candidly discussing interests from both sides face-to-face with North Korea along with the North’s participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics,” Unification Minister Cho Myong-gyon told reporters.

Great news out of the Korean Peninsula today, North Korea taking steps towards competing in next month’s Winter Olympics. Thank god. When all of Russia got banned for cheating and banned so hard that the colors of the Russian flag aren’t allowed within 100 miles of South Korea, the Olympics lost their gusto. Who are we going to compete against? Who’s our rival? You can only stuff Bulgaria and Belarus in lockers so many times before it’s not fun anymore. How much pride can you take in just having to show up to automatically earn the top spot on every podium and The Star-Spangled Banner playing loud and clear across the Yellow Sea? I guess Norway and Austria are pretty good but there’s no fire there. No passion. No hate. A complex background with deep, mutual hatred doth make legendary rivalries. North Korea I’m sure sucks at the Olympics but they will be appointment television. When you’ve got in one corner of the figure skating rink a representative of a guy threatening to nuke New York City and in the other corner a representative of the guy calling North Korea’s leader short and fat, you’ve got yourself an event. You’ve got hate. You’ve got implications. You’ve got me back into the Olympics.

Also of note, the North Koreans will be competing for their lives. Fail, and your welcome home party includes anti-aircraft guns pointed right at your eyeballs. We’ll have the representation of a potential nuclear war playing out in the games and we’ll also have desperate North Korean athletes carving subtle SOS messages into their uniforms. We’ll be trying to pick out the defectors like we’re trying to decipher some of those puzzling 3D paintings.


It’s like Harding v Kerrigan but with nuclear war on the line. Look at how much tension and outrage it’s already causing amongst our politicians.

North Korea in the Olympics makes the Olympics way better. Puts asses in the seats. It’s a no brainer. I applaud South Korea for their clear understanding of how to deliver the most compelling spectacle possible.

I will now conclude this blog with yet another direct hit from Mike Huckabee.