The Eagles Better Do What They Can To Win Now Because There's Gonna Be Real Changes, Real Soon

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Philly – Jim Schwartz will get the first interview from the New York Giants for their head coach vacancy. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Schwartz will interview with the Giants for their head coaching job this coming week after the regular season finale is over. By NFL rules, Schwartz is allowed to interview with the Giants next week because the Philadelphia Eagles team he coordinates the defense for will be on a bye week from the postseason. Schwartz has the Eagles as a top-10 defense despite key injuries throughout the season, especially a season-ending injury to Jordan Hicks in Week 7. The Eagles rank sixth in points allowed per game (19.3) and fifth in yards allowed per game (306.9). The Eagles are third in opponents third-down conversion percentage (32.11%) and first in opponents fourth down conversion percentage (23.53%). Philadelphia is also first in the NFL in rush defense (75.9 yards per game). Schwartz has transformed the NFL’s 30th-ranked defense in 2015 to the fifth-ranked defense in just two seasons. Teams can interview Schwartz during Wild Card week (Eagles have a first-round bye), but no NFL team can have a second interview with either until the week prior to Super Bowl week (January 28 deadline), should the Eagles advance to the Super Bowl. No team can officially hire Schwartz as a head coach until the Eagles season is over.

Annnnnddddd here we go. Ya gotta give credit where credit is due: Doug Pederson put together one hell of a coaching team. This staff fucks, and then some. Naturally, other franchises take notice when a squad destined to be .500 or a playoff team at BEST ends up clinching home field advantage in the NFC with a game to spare. We all know there’s going to be poaching, just a matter of when and how much meat is taken. Well, things are starting to shape up and it ain’t pretty.

Let’s get one thing straight: Jim Schwartz is as Alpha as a man can get. The kind of competitive, no-nonsense guy who would stare you into the grave for burning the coffee or start actual wars over Risk. There’s NO way at 51-years-young that he’s not licking his chops for a second shot to be a head coach at football’s highest level. Sure, his first run in Detroit didn’t go so hot (29-51 overall, even though he took over a beyond dysfunctional franchise that went 0-16 to the playoffs). But I still wouldn’t want him going anywhere, let alone a NFC East rival.

Some coaches are great coordinators and simply can’t make the transition to a decent head coach. Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, and even Spags (the DC for the Giants, not the totally straight one). But it doesn’t matter. Schwartz definitely deserves another chance to be a NFL head coach, and he’s going to get one. He’s most likely not going to be scouring the Eagles sideline next season. Be prepared.

And then there’s John DeFilippo, the only QB coach Carson Wentz has ever known at the pro level:

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John DeFilippo has been so highly regarded as the developer for Wentz that the Giants requested an interview for their OC position last season and the Eagles wouldn’t allow such a thing. I’m sure it’s been done before in the NFL (hasn’t it?), and I don’t know how DeFillippo actually feels about the Eagles cockblocking his future. He had a chance to take a huge step in his career and Jeffrey Lurie locked him in the Novacare brigade. However, teams can’t deny interviews for head coaching positions. If DeFilippo jumps shit, which he will if he’s offered a HC job, would it hurt Wentz and the Eagles? I can’t see how it helps, obviously. Just a matter of how much of a blow it’ll be to both Wentz and the offense.

OC Frank Reich has been in various head coaching discussions in the past, and will continue to be in the future. But the biggest departure to this franchise could be Vice President of Player Personnel Joe Douglas. It’s funny, Howie Roseman was very hit or miss with his draft picks and personell decisions since taking over as GM in 2010 (helllooooo Dream Team, Danny Watkins, Marcus Smith). Since Joe Douglas has arrived, the Eagles roster has been EN FUEGO with almost every single move Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, Joe Douglas’ pedigree while learning the ropes under Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore and his success with the Birds will surely make him a first class GM prospect.

So what does this all mean? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. Nobody knows the true value of these guys until they’re gone and can’t be replaced. But one thing’s for damn sure, nothing is guaranteed. Just like Mikey said the Bible said, “You ain’t gonna get a second chance”. The Eagles are in a prime spot right now to sneak their way into the big dance sans Wentz and then, who knows? Best take full advantage of every opportunity while it’s there.

PS – If anything a return of Jim Schwartz to the head coaching level could mean the return of Big Cat’s Dad. It’s been years since Robbie Lange went out for milk and still hasn’t returned.