Jim Schwartz Going To The Giants Would Suck

The New Year brought in some shitty football and grim news for Eagles fans. The Christmas and New Year’s Eve games were atrocious displays, topping our season of sundaes off with a couple turds. Combine that with the fact that our cupboard looks like it’s about to be raided by the NFL franchises in need of coaching, and the New Year is feeling a lot like shitty old Philadelphia.

I don’t want Jim Schwartz going to New York. The only good thing about the last two games was the defense. They gave up 8 points a game in their last two, putting even an inept offense in a position to win. So, yeah, I don’t want Schwartz to leave at all. But especially not to the Giants.

A reminder of what our defense did this year.

But consider what backup defensive end said about Schwartz.

One of the greatest of all time? Maybe Means is angling for a coaching job with Schwartz when his time is up, but that’s some high praise. So, once again, no, I don’t want him going to our intradivision rival.


Carson Wentz deserves all the credit for how well he’s played. The team’s ineptitude without him is the biggest tribute to that. The more his brain trust stays in contact, however, the better equipped he is to come back from this injury and continue to grow as a pro. Losing coaches is part of having the best record in the league, but those two would be tough to lose.

Either way, Schwartz is still winning right now. While John Harbaugh is busy fucking up the B1G’s perfect bowl season, Schwartz is still winning.