Conor McGregor Is Going Bananas On Twitter Talking About All The Diddy's He's Made

I feel like at this point, we should classify “Irish” as a language, because that is most certainly not English.

Happy New Year all, feel like I haven’t written a blog since last year. Haha. Get it? Alright.

Conor McGregor finally turned up on Twitter today, as I think most of us expected he would on Saturday night when Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Edson Barboza (one of the best fighters in the division) in the most lopsided decision in UFC history. He usually fires off a few petty tweets when a legitimate contender puts on a show and then calls for McGregor to return to the cage, but he’s on a whole new level this morning. Saying Khabib was “dogshit” this weekend, and declaring the UFC is a “game of sloppy bums asking to be slept” is pretty much objectively incorrect, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t give McGregor the aura of a king overlooking a castle, awaiting a “real” challenge.

Then Conor tweeted this photoshopped image, hoping to egg-on Floyd Mayweather for a fight outside of the squared circle…


Annnnnnnd now for Diddy talk. McGregor said unless [Dana White/UFC] gets on their knees and truly, truly, TRULY begs him to come back, he doesn’t give a bollox. Which really, he shouldn’t, because he’s made for life, but also, he should, as he’s got some gold around his waist waiting to be defended. He said he’s got Diddy bread thanks to his new Whiskey coming out, making you think he’s saying that he’ll have that Sean Combs type money, but it then gets muddy when he starts using Diddy’s as the substitute word for money and not bread, so in that first tweet, he’s saying he’s got money money.

Just an absolutely peculiar rampage from the Notorious one to kick off 2018.