John Fox Officially Out As Bears Head Coach

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One of those firings that would have shocked us only if it didn’t happen. This was inevitable. You can’t invest the 2nd pick in the draft in a young QB and hope John Fox is the one that brings him along. It just was never going to happen. It’s so funny too how John Fox was the reflex hire to the embarrassment of Marc Trestman. All the shit that happened, including George McCaskey getting pushed at Soldier Field by a Saints fan, all of it lead to the “stability” of John Fox. And what got lost in all that is that the NFL has most likely passed John Fox by. He’s had a pretty damn good career but it was clear he wasn’t able to coach the game in 2017. So farewell John Fox. Can’t say I’ll miss you, but we will always have the time you challenged the Bears and turned a first down into a turnover.


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This is the key piece. I actually still believe in Ryan Pace. I have zero idea who the Bears can even get, but at least there is a little stability in an organization that has been circling the drain since Lovie left.