Browns' Head Coach Hue Jackson, Who is 1-31, Says No One Else Could Do His Job


Man, I feel like when you are somehow granted the chance to come back and coach an NFL team after going 1-31 in your first two years on the job, you have to come across as humble and with a little humility. Hue Jackson obviously disagrees. He disagrees to the point where he thinks he’s the only person who could have done that job. Somehow, someway that makes me a Hue Jackson fan.

I don’t know why but I love it when someone absolutely stinks at their job and then has bravado about that stinkiness. Hue Jackson qualifies. Just watch this.

Bragging about sticking it out. Incredible. Love hearing the reporter in the back say, “With all due respect, you said you’d get this turned around last year when you went 1-15.”

The Browns got worse despite the fact that Hue Jackson said he would jump into a lake if they finished 1-15 again. Got off on a technicality. When it comes to being a losing team, owners are entitled to their own football proclivities. May a thousand losses bloom. But, I don’t appreciate Hue Jackson being lackadaisical about jumping into lakes, because in the meantime, every 3 months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in Queensland.